Read What Our Patron’s Have to Say


I stay in Delhi, hence I closed the deal over the phone without any problem. This shows the level of professionalism of the Thrive 360East team.
Mr. Sourish Acharia – Hero Corporate, New Delhi.
Through increased interaction with the Thrive 360East team. I was completely made aware of value proposition and hence decided to invest.
Mrs. Tripti Maji – Deens Academy, Bangalore.
Right from the time we contacted the marketing team, we had a different experience. The staffs were courteous and were ever willing to answer our queries and clarify our doubts, which left us with a positive feeling and instilled confidence about the deal. At the end we felt we are dealing with a friend. Everything went so smoothly that we never felt the strains of finalising this big a deal for us.
Mr. Kiran Kumar
It has been a great pleasure to interact with Thrive 360East. Every step has attention to detail and a professional approach. Promoters and staff are very punctual, professional and friendly. Please continue this. Thank you and with this I am 100% sure that you will thrive.
Raveesha Rao – Axio Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
It has been a wonderful experience working with the Thrive 360East team. Thorough professionals at work. Always available as needed. Wishing them good luck in all their future endeavours.
Sumit Kumar – IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
Excellent services and support by the Thrive 360East team. People are very courteous and approachable. Transaction is very transparent and trustworthy.
Sridhar Narasimhan – Microsoft, Bangalore.
I have dealt with several builders and developers in the past and having had experiences to reference. I can say that my experience with Thrive 360East has been a stress free and extremely satisfactory one.
Errol Pinto – AVP – Idea Cellular, Bangalore.
From day one, it was a professional and friendly attitude of the team. Regular follow-ups and explanation added to my satisfaction that my investment is in the right hands.
Jayant Kohli – Cisco, Bangalore.
I must admit that your transparency convinced me to invest in land for first time.
Mr. Debranjan Maji – Hindustan UNILEVER, Bangalore.
The experience was very professional and transparent. The fact that the team was very professional, transparent and responsive made it even better.
Mukesh Roopchand Ajwani , Ahmedabad.
Personally, I have felt comfortable doing business with your firm which is why I have recommended you to my family & friends.
Anil Balaraj – Associate Vice President – Aviva, Bangalore.
Our experience, starting with the initial telephone contact to the actual registration of the property has been free and very smooth. All the steps in between were handled very professionally and courteously. We hope to continue working with the team. In the future and wish them well.
Dr. Naveed Azam, Gastroenterologist – Columbia Asia, Bangalore.
Good pre-sales services, the team was very responsive to all queries and arranged for all legal documents as and when required.
Prashanth Pratap Singh – Infosys, Bangalore.
I have found the Thrive 360East team to be a perfect amalgam of dynamic, passionate individuals who are ready to go the extra mile for their customers. I could not have asked for a better company to lay trust with in buying a property in Bangalore. Kudos on the great work and thank you all for the support!
Mr. Kapil Sharma – Reliance Money, Mumbai.
It has been a positive experience. Everyone has been amazingly patient with me, especially, when I am residing in a different state and it’s difficult to be available for every procedure. Thank you Thrive 360East for being supportive and going the extra mile!!!
Neeshu Karol – Accenture, Shimla.
Had a chance to meet many team members from sales to the customers service team, it was nice to see the whole team willing to adjust as per the clients need. Ever willing to come over to our house to collect and complete documentation as I had just undergone a surgery and was immobile. Treat you like part of the family. Keep up the good work and All the Best for Future Projects!
Sri Harsha Narayanaswamy – Axio Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
It was a great and good relationship with the entire team. Expecting to do more business again and again. Good luck Thrive 360East
Chandra Mohan – QA Lead, Bangalore.
When I wanted to visit the site on a holiday with family, the arrangement and timing were very nice. I appreciate the approach of employees and the management.
Y. Vishwanatha Gowd – LIC, Udupi.
Excellent Support provided by entire team. Staff possesses courteous behaviour and is trustworthy. Keep up your good work!!
Jayamala Sridhar – HP Executive Assistant, Bangalore.
Approach to the client and response to the queries has been excellent. I wish the entire team of Thrive 360East all the success and look forward to get associated in their next venture also.
T. Sreekar – IBM, Bangalore.
Information and the supporting documents to the property provided are complete and satisfactory. Over all experience is good. The process of registration and other formalities were smooth.
Keerthishekar – JDA Software Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
Satisfied with the services provided. Good communication and a warm welcome. Thank You!!!
Neeharika – Irrigation & CAD Department, Hyderabad.
I was amazed at the transparency and patience of Thrive 360East to give me confidence in them and their product. The service was always timely and impeccable. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a clean deal and friendly customer handling. I do wish they grow well for they are a rarity in this industry.
Sanjay Dutt – Management Consultant, Bangalore.
The team at Thrive 360East have given us all the information we asked for and more. Thank you for the great and easy way in acquiring my property.
Abhishek Balraj – Qatar computer services, Bangalore.
We had a very good experience working with Mr.Arun Agrawal, specially, this being a first real estate purchase for us. He guided us through the whole process of assessing the real estate in the particular geography. He has been very open to answer all our question in a timely manner.
Dr. Jaya Suresh Bajaj & Saumil Girish Merchant – Narayana Health & Shell Technology, Bangalore.
They are honest, direct and forthright in their communication and dealing. From the time we saw the plot unto registration, the process has been smooth. They were more than happy to answer all our questions.
Paul Sachariah Thomas – General Motors, Bangalore.
It was always a pleasure interacting with the Thrive 360East team right from the first call, to the numerous site-visits and after-sales queries. You guys didn’t let me down even once with your impeccable professionalism. You have helped me fulfil my dream of owning a land in the city and the entire process has been so effortlessly seamless. I wish the Thrive 360East team the best in their future endeavours.
Poonam Sharma – India Today Group, Bangalore.
Thrive 360East has a well stream lined process. Right from the first step it went on very smoothly. I was provided all the details of the project, picked up promptly for a site visit and was given all the required documents. There was a personal touch to the entire process with very effective communication. I am very satisfied and happy doing business with Thrive 360East.
Chandramouli Natarajan – Integral, Bangalore
A very clear and transparent experience which we generally don’t find in this real estate market. Appreciated it and please do continue to sustain it.
Ritu Sharma, Bangalore.
The professional manner in which the entire transaction was handled by the promoters at Thrive 360East was indeed a very pleasant experience. ‘Xanadu’ is certainly going to be a distinctive residential community in the Nandi Hills vicinity. The promoters are committed to providing an asset which will appreciate considerably as the Devanahalli area develops into great prominence due to the proximity to Bangalore, International Airport and Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) in Devanahalli.
Jagadish Prabhakar, ITECSYS Techonology, Bangalore.
Thank you so much. We are pleased and happy to be a part of the Thrive 360East family. I need to make a mention that the whole experience of owning this piece of land through Thrive 360East has been very very pleasant for both my wife and me. You guys are truly professional and a delight to deal with. We are looking forward to many more such associations with you. Kudos to the team.
Raina Nanaiah & Ashish Jayanth Parmar – Shirbur Medical Services & Professional Photographer, Bangalore.
The process is simple and well explanatory. Flow of procedure is on track and makes buying so simple and easy
Pothen Koshy – Wipro, Bangalore.
You guys are the best! I am so excited of being the new owner of an awesome plot which has already appreciated in value. The entire process of purchasing land while living in a different country was exceptionally smooth. I really could not have asked for anything more and thank you for the awesome gifts. I just can’t wait to buy my next property from ya’ll. Hats Off to the team.
Thejaswini Mohan – Attorney ILBSG LLP, Texas – USA.
Congratulations for a job well done! I was always confident of your abilities to shoulder your responsibilities. You guys should be very proud of yourself.
Naveen Daiya – Knowledge Assetz Management, Bangalore.
Buying land in Bangalore is a mine field. You need someone who is a professional and at the same time works with intergrity, a rare combination from my experience. Thrive 360East combines both with sincerity and was a pleasure to deal with them. I had a great experience finding an amazing deal when everyone else was trying to make a quick buck. They were transparent, honest and very amicable. I would recommend them very highly and would deal with them any day. After I bought the property, many in my family have also bought. The experience for them has been the same too.
Srinivas Peri, American University (Ex IBM, Adobe)
Great company! Keep it up. We are satisfied very much with their services.
Yagnesh Rajaraman Iyer, Accenture, Bangalore.
I would like to point out the personalised help provided during the registration process to ensure that everything went off very smoothly as a key highlight.
Sandeep Upadhyaya, Kolkata.
Realistic, down to earth! Value for money. No Smokes & Mirrors, complete transparency. Good job & All the very Best!
Venkatesha B V – Nokia, Bangalore.
I have visited a lot of townships, layouts and independent properties in the last few years but the approach taken by Thrive 360East to show, explain and execute the final sale is second to none. A great experience over all & I am one happy customer.
Steve Lewis – Dell International Services Pvt. Ltd