Residential Plots, Nandi Hills Road in North Bangalore

Project Details

‘Xanadu’ is a smartly designed gated community offering 136 residential plots of different dimensions spread over a huge, verdant landscape of 8 acres replete with all kinds of amenities. Presenting stunning views of the mesmerising Nandi Hills, this landmark residential project has been planned carefully to let you enjoy the glorious panorama from the comfort of your own home. Besides, advantages such as round-the-clock security, close at hand amenities and surprisingly affordable prices make Xanadu a not-to-be-missed chance to live the good life. What’s more, ‘Xanadu’ has been approved by financial institutions and the DTCP

Picturesque yet strategic location

Although set in the quiet countryside, Xanadus is located in the vicinity of many important present and future developments. The international airport, the new ‘heart’ of Bangalore is but right next door. With the upcoming Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) nearby, the area has immense potential for price appreciation in the very near future. The project site also lies in proximity to India’s largest upcoming IT special economic zone (SEZ). With so much going for it, Xanadu is by far the most ideal location for your dream home.


Xanadu is easily accessible from all important locations of Bangalore. It is only a 45 minute drive from the heart of the city; the Bangalore International Airport is just 8 kms away; Truly, staying at Xanadu is being well connected. The drive to Xanadu is a pleasure in itself. The National Highway for the larger part speeds you to within a stone’s throw of the property. And the rest is a pleasant cruise through vineyards, lush fertile farmlands and sleepy hamlets. The rustic ambience is sure to charm and rejuvenate you.


Unmatched infrastructure- premium living

Xanadu has infrastructural amenities to make your life as comfortable as possible. With the detailed designing in our carefully laid out plan, you would never have to look too far for anything. This is precisely why we say that, in Xanadu, serenity blends with luxury.






A Picturesque, Serene and Convenient location

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wake up to the bounty of nature every morning? How about encountering the wonders of nature whilst indulging yourself in modern day amenities? Does this sound like a dream? 


It’s time to gift yourself a life away from the grind of the city. To go out and breathe the pure country air and trek where nature is your only companion. Welcome to Xanadu – an ideal haven to go to whenever you feel like experiencing the world in its pristine state. Here all the elements of nature seem to be putting on a grand spectacle just to please you. The blue of the sky vying with the green of the hills, the all pervading serenity and breathtaking scenery and you have all the ingredients of a gentle country life. At Xanadu the phrase ‘in the lap of nature’ becomes a reality. If you too would like to experience the joys of being a part of India’s rustic scenario, all you have to do is move into Xanadu.
‘Xanadu’, is located in an idyllic location at the foot of the lush green Nandi Hills, just off Nandi Hills Road in North Bangalore. The ranges rise steeply just a short distance away, bringing the breathtaking scenery right to your doorstep.


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