About Us


The Vision

To be the most reputed property developers in the region with primary focus on quality and customer satisfaction.


The Mission

To offer true value to our customers through innovative high-quality projects.
To offer healthy ROI and satisfaction to all our shareholders.
To offer stability and a sense of belonging to our employees.

Mutual Respect

At Thrive 360East, everyone works together to deliver on the company’s vision, by displaying openness, ensuring teamwork, inspiring trust and encouraging colleagues. The company does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, religion or caste. It believes in recognizing the contribution of every employee and holds one another mutually accountable for performing to the highest standard possible.


The Ethics

Our strong foundation has the core values of uncompromising integrity, honesty and fairness.

Thrive 360East Developers

Thrive 360East Developers is a synergy between Thrive Investment Ventures Pvt. Ltd and 360East Realty Capital Pvt. Ltd. It is a brand new entrant to the real estate development arena in Bangalore. A small company with big ideas – each project is backed by the synergy of expertise in real estate management and capital structuring.


Our ideology is deeply rooted in Trust and Transparency. Bullish about its vision to set a new benchmark in the industry, the company is committed to offering customers absolute transparency at every stage of their property buying experience – from the enquiry up to the sale and beyond. We believe in building and fostering relationships with our clients, ties that will last much beyond the purchase itself.


Our talented and dynamic team aims at bringing in their expertise and best practices of project management and execution along with financial acumen into all our projects and fulfilling our vision of setting new benchmarks for perfection in the industry. Our most esteemed clients are accorded a 360° transparent view of our transactions so that they are assured of their decision and aware of each and every step they take.

The Excellence

Thrive 360East strives to achieve high standards through the use of advanced technology and the latest know-how to benefit customers and employees. It innovates and thrives on challenges and accomplishments.

The Quality Policy

Understand and exceed customer and stakeholder expectations.
Grow through creating resourceful and efficient solutions.
Encourage entrepreneurial behaviour among employees.

Customers Focus

Thrive 360East is aware that delivering better customer satisfaction than its competitors is essential for sustained success. Everything the company does is aimed at delighting customers and ensuring their loyalty over the long term.